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Daft Pun Madlib!




Hi folks! I wrote out a script to my next Daft Pun comic, and before I draw it and post it I thought I’d blank out some of the words madlib-style and see if people could have some fun with it. Have a go and send me what you come up with! If there are some super good ones I’ll try and make a…

One morning while Thomas was TRIMMING his RECORD PLAYER, he spotted Guy-Manuel in the DAFT MOBILE. Curious as to what his compatriot was up to, Thomas put down his CDs to go investigate. Stepping outside, Thomas saw that Guy-Man had assembled an assortment of RECORD TAPES all around him, and was lovingly LISTENING each one in turn. “Qu’est ce que tu fais?” he asked. Guy-Man did not look up but responded “Les PARROT, they have a GOAT, so I am TOUCHING all of our CARS.” Thomas picked one up and said  “Guy-Man, you must be careful not to RUN yourself to MADLIBS. Even if the we have the THE MOST BEAUTIFUL of MUSIC”   

((Chynna was always a pro at these. YEP.))

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I do not like change. Unless I’M the one who’s changing. I am NOT changing the way I draw Skrillex. *sits in corner like a stubborn little brat*

(Also Thomas it totes Jealous that Skrillex is hanging out with Justice. Those are HIS friends, yo! That… that is Justice, right? right? I thought so…)

I’m sorry, lowrend, Thomas is still not tall enough.

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